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About Yappy Life

About Jenn Graddy

Hello, fellow dog-loving travelers! My name is Jenn Graddy, and with my four-legged best friend, Cambrie, we explore the nooks and crannies of our beautiful world, one paw and footstep at a time.

Cambrie at New Smyrna Beach

Venturing into the vast expanse of our planet, I discovered the joy of exploring new terrains and the unparalleled bliss that comes from sharing each of those moments with my dog. From the bustling streets of vibrant cities to serene landscapes and tranquil beaches, our journeys have been extraordinary tales of adventure, companionship, and unabated joy.

Why Travel With Dogs?

Traveling with a dog is not just a journey across geographical boundaries; it’s a heartwarming adventure that intertwines our souls with unspoken words and gleaming eyes. It’s about witnessing the sunset over distant horizons and gazing at the stars in the tranquil silence of the night with a loyal companion nestled by your side.

This blog unfolds our stories, the enchanting landscapes we’ve traversed, the people we’ve met, and the cultures we’ve immersed ourselves in, all through the lens of companionship with my furry friend.

Our Mission

With paws and maps, our mission is simple: to inspire you to embark on your adventures with your canine companion. By sharing our experiences, travel tips, and dog-friendly destinations, we aspire to build a community where like-minded travelers can explore, share, and connect over tales of paws trotting across diverse landscapes.

Join Us in Our Adventures

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just pondering the idea of setting off on your first adventure with your pup, you’re in the right place! From practical tips dog-friendly spots, to soulful narratives of our adventures – this space unites all those who find happiness at the intersection of travel and companionship.

Together, let’s break free from the chains of monotony, step paw into the unknown, and sniff out the adventures that await beyond the familiar.

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