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How Dog Friendly is New Smyrna Beach

How Dog Friendly is New Smyrna Beach? A Comprehensive Review

New Smyrna Beach, positioned just to the south of Daytona Beach, offers an expanse of 17 miles of untouched beaches along the Atlantic Coast. This scenic coastline is equipped with an array of parks, multiple ramps, boardwalks, parking spaces, and points where vehicles can gain access. Visitors have the unique privilege of driving on the beach during designated times. However, it’s important to note that dogs are not permitted on New Smyrna Beach. In Volusia County, dogs are prohibited from all sections of the Atlantic beaches, with designated areas for dogs limited to the inlets and intercoastal beaches.

If you’re planning to bring your dog to New Smyrna Beach, here’s what you need to know to ensure a pleasant visit.

Cambrie on New Smyrna Beach

Beach Accessibility for Dogs

New Smyrna Beach offers a few select areas where you can enjoy the sun and surf with your four-legged companions. These areas are thoughtfully designed to accommodate both your needs and the well-being of the local wildlife.

Smyrna Dunes Park

Smyrna Dunes Park is a large park spanning nearly 200 acres along the Ponce de Leon Inlet. Dogs are allowed on the beaches along the inlet, which are located on the west side of the park. Despite being allowed into Smyrna Dunes Park, dogs are still not allowed on the Atlantic Ocean beaches, which are located on the northeast side of the park. The park has plenty of amenities, including miles of boardwalks, bathrooms, scenic overlooks, picnic tables, pavilions, and doggy swimming spots.

The park is located 5 miles from the center of New Smyrna Beach, meaning you can stay in town and still be able to take your dog to a dog-friendly area that is located nearby. The park can get very busy during peak season and peak hours, so plan accordingly. Amenities are used on a first come, first serve basis, and there are no reservations. Make sure to bring food and water for your dog as well as bags to dispose of their waste while you are in the park.

At Smyrna Dunes Park, you’ll find a welcoming environment for you and your dog. Leashed dogs are allowed here, giving you both the chance to explore the dunes and play on the beach. The park boasts a well-maintained boardwalk that provides easy access across the sand. Be sure to pack your beach gear and shade for a comfortable family outing. Parking is available, allowing you to have a hassle-free visit with ample space for your vehicle.

Flagler Avenue Access

For those seeking a dog-friendly beach experience near the central hub of activity, the Flagler Avenue beach ramp is the place to go. Although this area is more restricted, you can still enjoy the beach atmosphere with your dog as long as you stay on the pavement and don’t venture onto the beach with your dog. Be aware of the beach rules, and remember your dog must be on a leash at all times.

Safety and Regulations

For a worry-free visit with your four-legged friends to New Smyrna Beach, you must be aware of the rules that keep them and the local wildlife safe. Following these regulations ensures a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Leash Laws and Areas

Your dog must be leashed at all times on New Smyrna Beach. This means having a leash no longer than 6 feet to maintain control over your pet, for their safety and the safety of others. Pets are allowed on the inlet shore beach area; however, they are never allowed on the Atlantic Ocean Beach area. Remember to stay vigilant and ensure your pet is leashed properly to avoid being fined.

Wildlife and Plant Protection

You and your pet should also be respectful of designated wildlife areas where dogs may not be allowed in order to protect local ecosystems. It’s vital for the well-being of native species to steer clear of any area marked for wildlife conservation. Additionally, disturbing dune vegetation is illegal and can result in penalties. Being aware of and respecting these rules helps in maintaining the natural beauty and health of the beach’s ecosystems.

Health Requirements for Dogs

Before you head to the beach, ensure your dog has all the necessary shots and is in good health to interact with other beachgoers and pets. Cleaning up after your dog is not just courteous but also a requirement to keep the beach sanitary and pleasant for everyone. Bring bags to clean up after your pet and dispose of waste in proper receptacles to prevent health hazards and environmental pollution. Non-compliance could lead to fines and undermine the fun and safe atmosphere of the beach.

Amenities and Convenience

Duke on New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is well-equipped to ensure you and your furry friend enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable visit. With ample parking facilities, designated picnic and play areas, and a variety of dog-friendly dining options, you’re set up for a perfect day at the beach.

Parking and Facilities

Your day at the beach with your dog begins with convenient parking areas located near the beach access points. Once parked, you’ll find bathrooms and showers in proximity, making it easy for you to wash off the sand after a fun-filled day. Additionally, drinking water stations are available to help keep both you and your pet hydrated.

Picnic and Play Areas

For a relaxing mealtime, make use of the picnic tables and pavilions available in the outdoor spaces. They are perfect for enjoying a snack while your dog takes a breather, and conveniently, water bowls can be found around these areas to keep your dog hydrated.

Dog-Friendly Dining Options

When it comes to dining, New Smyrna Beach doesn’t disappoint. You’ll discover a variety of eateries and restaurants where pets are welcome. For a special treat, head to the Historic Dairy Queen, where you can buy your companion doggie sundaes. Many local shops also cater to pets, ensuring you have everything you need for a perfect outing.

Accommodation and Overnight Stays

When planning your stay in New Smyrna Beach, you’ll find a wealth of pet-friendly lodging options that cater to both short-term getaways and extended vacations. Whether you’re looking for a cozy bed and breakfast or spacious condominiums, this beach town ensures your furry companion is welcome.

Pet-Friendly Lodging Options

Your vacation in New Smyrna Beach doesn’t have to exclude your four-legged friends. Hotels like the Anchor Inn Bed & Breakfast embrace pet owners by offering special amenities for pets. For a seamless experience, check amenities and pet policies in advance, such as the ones provided at BringFido, ensuring your stay is as comfortable for your pet as it is for you. Facilities range from motels to luxury hotels, with options like pet-friendly vacation rentals on Airbnb offering a more personal touch.

  • Hotels: Many offer pools, free Wi-Fi, and include a pet fee.
  • Bed and Breakfasts: Expect personalized service and cozy accommodations.
  • Condominiums: Ideal for more space and a home-like environment.

Long-Term Stay Facilities

If your travel plans have you staying in New Smyrna Beach for a while, long-term accommodation options are available that support pet owners. Find condominiums and vacation rentals that allow pets, giving you more time to explore the beaches with your furry friend at your side. For extended stays, amenities like kitchens and extra living space make these options preferable. Check out platforms like for a selection of properties that cater to longer visits.

  • Vacation Rentals: Often come with all the comforts of home.
  • Condominiums: May provide access to community features such as pools.
  • Pet Resorts & Kennels: While not traditional lodging, these can be alternatives for pet care during extended stays.

Remember to review each property’s specific pet policies to ensure they match your needs, and enjoy a hassle-free stay with your loyal companion by your side.

Recreational Activities Beyond the Beach

While New Smyrna Beach is famous for its shores, the area offers a wealth of recreational activities that cater to all interests, from serene nature trails to thrilling water-based adventures and enriching cultural attractions.

Parks and Nature Trails

New Smyrna Beach greets you with an array of parks and trails, perfect for spending time outdoors with your family and four-legged companions. At the Ponce de Leon Inlet, tranquility wraps around you as you stroll through shaded areas admiring local trees. Meanwhile, Lighthouse Point Park not only offers a scenic lighthouse view but also features boardwalks that guide you through native gardens and landscapes. For the hiking enthusiasts, there are numerous trails woven throughout the area, providing both leisurely and more challenging routes.

Water-Based Adventures

Take advantage of New Smyrna Beach’s unique position between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River to dive into a variety of water-based activities. Boating enthusiasts can explore the winding Intercoastal waterways or the calm waters off Flagler Avenue, while those looking to catch sight of local fish can spend their day swimming or kayaking in less crowded spots. Whether you’re paddling down a quiet canal or sailing along the coast, your aquatic adventure awaits.

Cultural Attractions

Your cultural journey in New Smyrna Beach can span from historical jaunts to artistic experiences. Reflect on the past with a visit to the prominent local lighthouse, where history is as rich as the view is vast. For a taste of local color and creativity, take a walk on Canal Street, where the cultural heart of the city beats. This vibrant area is lined with galleries, shops, and eateries that celebrate the local scene, welcoming the whole family to partake in the community’s spirit.

Local Community and Culture

New Smyrna Beach boasts a rich tapestry of history and a lively schedule of festivals and events that reflect the area’s cultural significance and community spirit. With its prime location along the central east coast of Florida, you’re encouraged to explore the contributions of neighboring Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and other locales to the cultural mosaic that is New Smyrna Beach.

Historical Landmarks

When you wander through New Smyrna Beach, you’ll encounter landmarks steeped in history, such as the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Standing tall since 1887, it is not just a beacon for sailors but also a testament to Florida’s coastal heritage. Not far from the hustle and bustle of Daytona Beach, this lighthouse offers panoramic views and an unforgettable glimpse into the past.

  • Ponce Inlet Lighthouse: As Florida’s tallest lighthouse, it’s an awe-inspiring fixture with roots dating back to the 19th century.

Festivals and Events

Your experience in New Smyrna Beach is further enriched by annual festivals and events, which thrum to the diverse beats of nearby Daytona Beach Shores, Debary, and Deland. The local community warmly invites you to participate in events ranging from art shows to music festivals.

  • Downtown New Smyrna Events: Festivals here showcase local art, music, and cuisine.
  • Beachside Community Activities: You might find yourself immersed in beach volleyball tournaments or seafood festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Smyrna Beach is known for its dog-friendly amenities and areas. These FAQs provide clear and practical information for pet owners planning a visit.

What are the operating hours for dog-friendly areas at New Smyrna Beach?

The dog-friendly areas, such as Smyrna Dunes Park, typically follow the park’s operational hours, which are from sunrise to sunset.

Can you recommend some dog-friendly restaurants in New Smyrna Beach?

There are various restaurants in New Smyrna Beach that welcome dogs, offering outdoor seating where your pets can join you. Check listings like on for specific options.

What accommodations are available for visitors with dogs in New Smyrna Beach?

You’ll find several pet-friendly lodging options, from hotels to vacation rentals, that cater to guests with dogs. Specifics can be found on websites focused on pet-friendly vacation accommodations in the area.

Are there specific dog-friendly zones on New Smyrna Beach?

The designated dog-friendly zone in New Smyrna Beach is at Smyrna Dunes Park, where dogs must remain on leashes while they enjoy the sand and surf with you.

How does New Smyrna Beach compare to Daytona and Cocoa Beach in terms of dog-friendliness?

New Smyrna Beach is one of the more welcoming places for dogs, with specific areas like Smyrna Dunes Park, compared to Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach, which have different restrictions and fewer dog-friendly spaces.

What are the local regulations for bringing dogs to public beaches in Volusia County?

In Volusia County, which includes New Smyrna Beach, dogs are not allowed on most public beaches with the exception of designated areas like Smyrna Dunes Park. Dogs must be on a leash, and owners should follow all posted rules regarding waste disposal and control.



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