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Options for Leaving Your Dog at Home During Your Vacay

The sand, the waves, fresh air and road trips. That’s right…it is time to start planning your summer vacay.  While you are busy planning your hotel stay and entertainment, don’t forget to set your dog up with good accommodations too. There are a few different options for you to consider before you leave to make sure you dog is in good hands while you relax.


Hiring a pet sitter can be a great option for your pet, especially if they are older or anxious. They get all of the comforts of home; no change in routine or other dogs to fight with.  A pet sitter can also double as a house sitter and bring in mail, water a few plants and turns lights on and off.  The main downside to getting a pet sitter is that it can be expensive.  But as with most things in life, you get what you pay for and pet sitters give your pet the most comfort they can have while you are away.  Also, think twice before you get a friend or neighbor to pet sit for you.  While they usually have the best intentions, if an emergency arises your pet may be left unchecked.  Pet sitters have back-up systems in place that ensure someone will be at your house to care for your dog. 


  • Overnight sitters

If you have a puppy, or even an older dog, that will get extremely lonely while you are away then you may want to hire an overnight sitter.  Your dog will enjoy the benefits of keeping their same routine, including night time cuddles.  You won’t have to worry about overnight accidents because your reliable pet sitter will be there.


  • Boarding

Some pets actually enjoy boarding versus staying at home while their owner is away.  Often our pets stand guard while we are away, hyper focused on the moment of our arrival (even if it is days away).  Boarding can be a great distraction from this.  They are taken care of all day with walks, playtime and some facilities even send you updates and picture on text or email.  Plus you can usually bring their own food and a few toys for them for comfort.

Spa Boarding – Pet spas are popping up all over the place. You can spring for packages that include great amenities such as grooming, play groups, and gift baskets for your dog.  It’s almost like they are on vacay too!

Vet Boarding – A lot of vets also have boarding services with veterinarian techs there for them around the clock.  This option is perfect if your pet has recently been sick or has continuing health issues. You can rest easy knowing they are with the most qualified pet care you can get, the vet.


The last thing you need to do is worry about your pet while you are away.  Setting them up with proper care will make sure you both have a great week (or two if you’re really lucky).  Now, get to planning that vacay and don’t forget to comment on how your pet is taken care of when you go out of town!



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