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5 Things to Remember When you Leave your dog with a Pet Sitter

You’re all set to go out of town, the trip is booked, pet sitter is set up and bags are getting packed. What an exciting time, right?  If you’ve never had to leave your dog with a pet sitter before, there are a few things you need to remember to make sure they have a good time while you are away.

1. Your contact information, emergency contact information & emergency plan

Not unlike leaving a list for a babysitter (I mean, they are our babies after all) it is important to leave a list of your information. Include all of your contact information and best times to reach you. Also include emergency contact information for a friend or relative that is familiar with your pets and can make medical decisions just in case. It may seem awful, but there is peace of mind for the sitter if you think about worse case scenarios and let your emergency contact know your wishes.

2. Local vet, pet store, medication or medical history

In case your pet needs extra care leave your pet sitter with any pertinent medical history and vet contacts. Also, let them know your local pet store with favorite brand of food or treats. It is good to know in case they run out of food or if your pet sitter wants to pick them up a little something special to cheer them up.

3. A list or box of pup supplies

List out where all the usual supplies are (leash, toys, flashlight, brush, food, etc) or even better, get a big Tupperware or crate and store it all in one place for your pet sitter.

4. Details about your dog’s routine, normal behaviors, what toy and walk is their favorite, etc

To keep your dog comfortable it’s good to leave your pet sitter armed with the knowledge of what your pup loves. Tennis ball or chew toy? Belly rubs or ear scratch? Walks to the left or to the right? Any places they shouldn’t walk because of problem dogs or wild life. All of those little details really helps to keep your dog calm.

5. Instructions for the thermostat and other electronics

You will want to leave instructions about how to work the thermostat and at what temperature you would like it set. You never know when a heat wave or cold snap might happen. It’s helpful to know how to work the TV or radio. Don’t worry, we’re not going to move in and binge watch Netflix, but sometimes while playing with your pup the background noise helps liven the mood and give them a sense of normalcy.It can be hard leaving your pets, but getting a pet sitter is a great first step. Leaving your pet sitter with clear instructions, important details and supplies will set you, and your dog up for a great time.



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