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6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Who says you need boyfriend or girlfriend when you’ve got a dog?! Unconditional love, friendship and loyalty are provided by your dog every day. This Valentine’s Day you can take the opportunity to show your pup just how much you care with a little extra love and affection. Wondering how you can celebrate with your dog? Take a look at some of our ideas below!

Watch a Movie Together

What’s better than cuddling up on the couch with your pup? Make it extra special by putting on a movie! You can go for a romantic classic like The Notebook, or opt for a dog-centric movie like Marley & Me. Both are guaranteed tearjerkers, but your dog will be there to lick them up for you!

Give Them a Doggy Massage

Massages are a great way for humans to relax,so why not give one to your dog! It may sound silly, but my mom gives her two dogs massages all the time and they look totally relaxed, almost like they’re in a trance, while she’s doing it! There are simple guides on the internet to help you get started, and you can even get some handy tools to help alleviate any tension or stiffness they might have.

Bake Some Homemade Treats

There are so many easy recipes out there, including a few right here on Yappy Life! You can cut them into fun heart shapes, and include ingredients your dog will love like peanut butter or cheese. If you’ve got kids, they’re a fun activity to include them on, too!

Take Them Shopping

Every dog loves to go to the pet store! There are so many sights, sounds and smells for them to take in, other dogs to say hi to, and toys as far as the eye can see. Walk them through the aisles and let them look around, you’ll know when they’ve picked out a toy they like! Many pet store also sell cute artisan pet treats, so don’t hesitate to grab some of those, too!

Read Them a Book

They might not understand every word you say, but the sound of your voice reading a book can be soothing. They’ll also love just snuggling with you on the couch, of course. With our schedules being so busy finding time to spend together can be difficult, but having that together time can be the best part of your dogs day.

Go for a Walk

And not just your usual walk. Take them to the beach, on a hike, or to the dog park to play with some other pups. If none of those are an option, just taking them on an extra long walk can be a wonderful thing to do. Exercise is important for both you and your dog, and is a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship with them!


There are so many fun things you can do with your dog on Valentine’s Day, so don’t be afraid to do more than one. Heck, you could even do them all if you wanted! What are some ways you plan to spend the day with your dog? Let us know in the comments!



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