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How to Help Your Dog Beat Boredom

How to Help Your Dog Beat Boredom

Kids are finally headed back to school and many people are headed back to the office, at least for a few days a week, after being home for over a year!  It’s hard leaving for a long day at work knowing that your dog will be home alone until you get back hours later.  Luckily, there are some awesome ways to help your dog beat boredom while you’re away.

Fun with Food

A great way to get your dog moving while you’re away is to have a little fun with their food.  You can scatter treats around the house, then they can play a fun game of hide and seek with their noses leading the way.  If having food out around your house makes you feel a little uncomfortable opt for a food toy or puzzle.  The Kong and the Bob-A-Lot can actually hold a whole day’s worth of food, slowly releasing it as they play with it, and it also includes a timer feature so they don’t eat it all at once.  There are also toy puzzles you can put treats in and hide somewhere in the house, this way they can have fun foraging without food sitting out.  Just make sure to try these with supervision first, you want to make sure there are no choking hazards if you have a strong chewer on your hands.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

A pet sitter is the best idea when it comes to helping your dog beat boredom on those long days at home alone.  Not only will they get some social interaction and exercise, they get a much needed potty break.  Even though most dogs have the ability to hold their functions all day, it’s not really good for them.  It can actually cause urinary tract infections and cystitis. It’s also great for older dogs who need movement to keep them spunky. Hiring someone to come let them out in the middle of the day may seem like a nonessential expense, but in reality it’s probably one of the best investments you can make if you’re away from home often for long periods.


If you’re not gone a whole lot and just worried they’ll be lonely during a full day of errands every few days, then toys are a great way for them to beat boredom. Chews aren’t only great for cleaning teeth and strengthening jaws, but they help keep your pup occupied for hours. Squeaky toys or toys with an unusual texture or movement will also go along way in keep your dog busy while they are home alone. Also, an added bonus of having chew and toys around is that it keeps their oral fixations away from your furniture or shoes!

Doggy Daycare

Another fantastic idea is trying out a local doggy daycare. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a structured playschool for dogs where they get lots of social interaction, exercise, and good food.  The only thing you need to consider is the temperament of your pet.  Some don’t do that well in these type of social situations, but overall it’s a great way to get your dog out and moving while you’re away.

Our pets miss us when we leave, so when you get home make sure to spend some extra quality time for them.  If you can, try and get out for a good walk or run before you leave.  If they’ve had some exercise to tire them out they will be much subdued than if they were cooped all day without any physical activity.  With just a little planning and investment, it’s easy to keep your dog having fun even when you’re gone.



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