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If Dog’s Had Thumbs…

March 3rd is national If Pets Had Thumbs Day! We took this opportunity to speculate about what our dogs would do if they had thumbs!

If dogs had thumbs… they’d text you all day! They’d probably say how much they love and miss you, and how many cars have driven by the house. Let’s not forget the evil mailman that stops by every day!

If dogs has thumbs… they’d ransack your kitchen! There are way too many yummy foods hidden away in the refrigerator and pantry for them to resist!

If dogs had thumbs… they’d call up their friends! They’d make plans to go to the dog park or the nearest pet store to score some tasty treats.

If dogs had thumbs… they’d watch TV! They’re undoubtedly bored all day while your out, and soap operas just don’t cut it! Let’s get the Animal Planet going!

If dogs had thumbs… they’d let themselves outside! They would explore all those areas their leash stopped them from smelling before. Oh yeah, don’t forget about all the squirrels to chase!

If dogs had thumbs… they’d play all day! They could throw their own ball and play with any kind of toys they want. Talk about endless fun!

If dogs had thumbs… they’d shop online! There are so many different cool products for dogs online, and they’d definitely get that subscription to BarkBox that they’ve been dying to try!

If dogs had thumbs… they’d send you selfies all day! They’d want you to see the cuteness you’re missing out on all day while you’re at work.

If dogs had thumbs… they’d throw away the vacuum! No more of that evil monster threatening everyone in the house!

We’re sure that these are just a few of the things our dogs would do if they had thumbs, what do you think your would your dog do if they had them?




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