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Tech Ideas For the Dog Lover (That you can’t live without)

With all the cutting edge technology being released everywhere you look, you have to admit that it is good to live in 2018. There are tons of gadgets out there that make our lives easier and more fun. But why should we have all of the fun?  Our dogs deserve some of the latest technologies too.  The world is full of some really cool tech for dogs and dog lovers alike.  Check out some of these awesome tech ideas you can’t live without.


Photo from Amazon

This groovy little gadget actually lets you video chat with your dog while you’re away. Just dial them up using your smart phone, tablet or computer and let them know you’re thinking about them.  They can even call you when they are lonely and miss your face.  You can dispense treats, record videos, and even customize it with their favorite scents.

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iFetch  Interactive Ball Thrower

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The fun will never stop with this automatic ball launcher.  It comes in two sizes for large and small dogs, so no matter you dog’s size they will enjoy this interactive toy.

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Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


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The Whistle tracker is like a FitBit for your dog. You can keep them healthy by tracking their activity throughout the day and it also lets you know if they get out of the safe area.

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Dyson Groom


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Do you hate leaving the house covered in dog hair?  This awesome device will help remove your dog’s hair before it sheds. It connects to your Dyson and brushes and sucks up the hair all at the same time.

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The Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer


Photo From Hammacher

This high tech puppy pad can actually detect when your puppy has appropriately gone potty on the pad then it gives them a treat. Pavlov’s research is still paying off in the new millennium, making house training easier than ever.

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What new age tech ideas do you have that you can’t live without?  Comment below and let us know!



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