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5 Cool Products to Help You and Your Dog Get Outside This Spring

The ice and snow are melting, flowers are staring to bud, and birds are chirping. Yep — Spring is right around the corner, and chances are you and your dog have been holding down the couch all winter. Well, no more! It’s time to start thinking about fun in the sun, and down below we’ve got our 5 favorite products to help you and your dog get outside this spring!


Chuckit! Sport Launcher

Photo by Chuckit!

This product is great for the dog who loves to play fetch and has been cooped up all winter. If you’re throws aren’t the greatest, this will allow you to throw the ball up to 140 feet! It comes in three different sizes and the ball is included.

A Pair of Dog Boots


If you live in an area with extreme climates and worry about your dog’s paw pads when taking them outside, invest in a good pair of doggy boots! Companies like RUFFWEAR offer a variety of different boots for both hot and cold climates and different types of activity. Check them out on their website here!

K9 Kannon Ball Launcher


For those of you who worry about your arm falling off during a long game of fetch, this product is for you! Easily launch the ball up to 75 feet with the K9 Kannon ball launcher! You can even pick up the launcher to pick up the ball without using your hands.

Doggy Sleeping Bag


If you like to sleep under the stars in the great outdoors, consider getting your dog their own sleeping bag! Giving them their own space to sleep keeps your space clean and ensures that your dog is well rested for the next big day on the trails.

An Agility Jump Bar

Teaching your dog some fun new agility tricks this spring can be a great idea! You can buy an agility bar online, but there are also tons of DIY videos that show you how to make your own. Who knows, this might be an activity that leads to learning more fun agility tricks in the future!



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