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Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Spring

Birds are chirping and flowers are starting to bloom, and that means that spring is on the horizon! Before rushing outside with your pup, there are some things you need to do to get your dog prepared for that gorgeous weather!


Care for Their Coat

Many dog owners know that when the weather starts warming up their dog’s fur starts flying. Brushing your dog on a regular basis can help keep that shedding under control, and will help remove dandruff and dead skin from their coat. It’s also a great bonding experience for you and your dog, since almost all dogs love to be brushed!

Update Their Info

Being outside more often unfortunately means there will more opportunities for your dog to wander off. Make sure that your dog’s ID tags and microchip information are up to date, that way if they do get lost you’re more likely to be contacted quickly. If your dog does happen to get lost, start looking putting out posts on social media right away, and don’t be afraid to go door-to-door asking neighbors if they’ve seen your dog. It’s also worth it to call your local veterinary office and animal shelter and advise them that you’re dog may be brought there if someone finds them, and to contact you right away.

Make an Appointment With Your Vet

Spring is the perfect time to take your dog to their annual vet visit. This is the best time to get their regular vaccinations and get their teeth cleaned, as well as having their regular check up done. Your vet can advise you of any health complications your dog may be experiencing, and prescribe any medications needed to ensure your dog has a healthy life. They can also prescribe preventative medications to keep their already good health in great standing!

Parasite Prevention is Key

Warmer weather means that peak flea and tick season is upon us, and taking preventative measures against these pests is the easiest way to keep your dog healthy for spring. And don’t forget about heart worm prevention! Dogs contract heart worms by being bitten by an infected mosquito, and with the warm weather there are bound to be mosquitoes everywhere. Year round prevention from these parasites ensures that your dog can really get out there and play, and you won’t have to worry about a possible infestation!

Keep and Eye Out for Seasonal Allergies

Dogs can have seasonal allergies just like their human counterparts. Grasses, trees and flowers are all blooming can all trigger allergies in your dog. Look out for signs like ear issues, excessive scratching, and hot spots. These can all signal allergies in your dog. If you suspect your dog is suffering from allergies, take them to the vet. They’ll rule out the possibility fleas or an ear infection, and prescribe an antihistamine if needed.



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